Someone who has experiences like David Egan, such as speaking at a UN conference and testifying in front of Congress, deserves his own domain and attractive website to spread his inspiration.

*New Site (thinner shots are mobile) 

Jared is incredibly efficient and creative. David and I were very happy to work with him on http://davideganadvocacy…. He made it easy to produce, he listened to our suggestions and went beyond. We love the final output and Brevity’s approach to working as a team. The enthusiasm and quick turnaround style of work was fabulous for us and Jared made sure that his client was happy and well represented on the website. I truly recommend working with Jared as he is smart, honest and gets it. It is fun and good to do business with him.
— Kathleen Egan


David Egan is a good friend of Jared and is a remarkable guy. He and his family approached Brevity and inquired about a new website for him, to which we quickly obliged.  David has traveled around the world and frequently delivers speeches and works to provide opportunities for those with disabilities.


David’s old website was hard to navigate, appeared cluttered, and made it difficult for users to appreciate how great David’s story and experiences are, and is even harder to view on mobile.  The content appeared outdated and the pictures were difficult to see.  It also had a length URL, as it was a Google Site. 


David's site is now very welcoming, with a prominent and welcoming banner, a high-quality photo gallery, a contact form, and an easy-to-use mobile site.  David is ecstatic about his new website and the exciting possibilities that he now has to help connect with others to continue his important journey.


*Old Site (thinner shots are mobile)