Sybil Haynes, founder of Dolce Vita Adventures, has been running her Italian small group travel excursions to Italy for over 20 years. She needed a website that could capture and represent all of services that yielded such happy clients.



Sybil was fortunate enough to have a multi-cultural upbringing. While she is a citizen of the United States and speaks perfect English, she is also very well-versed in all things Italian. She specializes in leading small groups to Italy and immersing them in authentic Italian culture. She has made it very clear that these are not trips for everyday tourists, but for adventurers.


Sybil needed a new site - and fast. She already understood the value of what a new website could do for her business, but she hadn't found a firm that could move quickly / not smother her with details - while still creating a quality product. She also wanted a website to assist her with making her business processes more efficient.


The website was built from the ground-up, with all new pictures, fantastic visuals (courtesy of our graphic designer), and even an online ordering/payment system for trips. There is no doubt that Sybil's new site will draw eyes (and customers) on her Italian journeys.